Knowstone and Rose Ash Gardening Club πŸ’

Knowstone and Rose Ash Gardening Club πŸ’


Knowstone & Rose Ash garden ClubDRAFT programme 2023-2024

Date Time Topic Where
15.3.23 8pm AGM,Talk on Veg growing,Seed/plant/tools/pots/books etc to share Rose Ash VH
19.4.23 8pm Caradoc Doy: The Shady Garden Knowstone VH
May Plant sale Panier Market
15.5.23 11am Planting Mason’s Arms
17.5.23 8pm Rev. Jane Lucas: Sth Molton in Bloom Rose Ash VH
21.6.23 Outing ? Tapeley house & garden
19.7.23 Outing ? Furston house & garden
16.8.23 BBQ Caro’s
20.9.23 8pm Caro: Flower arranging Rose Ash VH
2.9.23 11am Autumn Planting Masons Arms
18.10.23 8pm Melinda Hilliard: Compost & Soil Knowstone VH
15.11.23 8pm Stephen Powels: Owls Rose Ash VH
6.12.23 11.30-2 Wreath making Knowstone VH
?17.1.24 Meal Masons Arms
21.2.24 8pm ?Martin Rix: Snowdrops Rose Ash VH
20.3.24 8pm AGM
17.4.24 Rose Ash VH

Ideas for talks/activities

  • Bees/bee friendly gardening
  • Composting & soil
  • Planting a wild flower meadow
  • Sharing tools, cuttings, plants, seeds etc
  • Propagation
  • Sth Molton in Bloom
  • Owls
  • Building a pond/maintenance
  • Healing/physic garden
  • Dry stone walling
  • Visit Sue Allan’s snowdrops
  • Guided Otter walk
  • Fungal forage
  • National Garden Scheme visits to gardens (usually Saturdays)
  • Visit to Knowstone Sunflower fields, Richard Stanbury (Ruby Beef) 07909091729
  • Moor & Meadow flower farm, Knowstone
  • River Exe estuary cruise, talk and birdlife, Stuart Line, about Β£12/pp

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