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How does this web site work?

How does this web site work?

So here's the technical gobbledygook.

This website runs on a docker stack.

It has two services:

  1. A mariadb database https://hub.docker.com/_/mariadb
  2. A ghost blog https://hub.docker.com/_/ghost/

Here they are running using about 170Mb of RAM:

CONTAINER ID   NAME                                                 CPU %     MEM USAGE / LIMIT     MEM %     NET I/O           BLOCK I/O         PIDS
94be34bb68bc   rose-ash_ghost.1.xf6mzq0rd1j3nsslo15mvv0se           0.01%     167.8MiB / 1.946GiB   8.42%     2.65MB / 1.06MB   38.5MB / 168kB    12
e7ec9ede090e   rose-ash_db.1.zev7h20uk37anrjjtyv33hkur              0.03%     98.23MiB / 1.946GiB   4.93%     478kB / 2.23MB    23MB / 386kB      16

You can see all the files used to build, configure secrets and deploy this stack here: https://sigyl.com/git/village-hall/web-site

One other thing - it actually gets served on https://sigyl.com:4000 using a nginx reverse proxy running on another docker stack which I'm not showing you.