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Rose Ash Revel - Press Cuttings

Some press cuttings about the Rose Ash Revel from times gone by
Rose Ash Revel - Press Cuttings
09 Aug 1946

Many thanks to Gemma Hackman for finding these.

07 Aug 1864, north Devon journal
Daily Gazette 03 Aug 1894
13 august 1909, Exeter and Plymouth Gazette
11 Aug 1939, Exeter and Plymouth Gazette
2 aug 1935

The Western Times, 29th July 1949

A revel is still held on St. James's Day. Formerly a sheep was let loose for men and boys to chase, its tail being greased to make it difficult to hold. If the man who succeeded in catching it could retain it until the others arrived, he became its possessor.

Notes on the history of a North Devon parish: Aissa, Rose Ash