Update on the repairs to the coping stones

Update on the repairs to the coping stones
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A quick update on the coping-stone repairs to keep you informed about what is happening in the churchyard and the footpath.

The scaffolding for the stonemasons has been put up on the eastern end of the building which will allow the masons to reach the entire gable.

The new stones are being cut and will be shipped down to Devon - possibly at the end of this week. Wells Cathedral Stonemasons will then start to remove the existing coping-stones and take a look at what is underneath, before putting the new stones on the gables.

All of this is somewhat weather-dependent, so if it starts to rain after the recent dry weather we have had, things might be delayed. However, the plan is to shift the scaffolding around to the western end of the church in about a couple of weeks.

A quick note about the "graffiti" on the scaffolding! This is not a local "Banksie" at work - it is just that the wriggly-tin sheets used to line the scaffolding have a few holes in them, so are not to be used for overhead work. The top sheet of the pile was marked as being "Bad" - hence the "graffiti".